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Youthwork After Christendom (Ebook)

Jo Pimlott Nigel Pimlott

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Price: £7.49

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Young people have been leaving the church for several decades and are largely absent from many of our congregations.

Most young people have no desire to embrace a church perceived as old fashioned, but remain interested in spirituality.

  • How can young people be empowered to follow Jesus in a relevant and new way that is responsive to the challenges of the current context?
  • How can real hope and opportunity be realised so that the next generation will approach faith without a Christendom mindset?
By examining the influences of the past, exploring the stories of those young people who have been partaking in church and by considering the views of those not connected to Church, this book offers insights, theology, practical application and some hope for the future.

Those charged with responsibility are encouraged to seriously consider passing on the baton to young people now for the sake of the future. Like it or not, the destiny of the church is in their hands.