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You're A Miracle (And A Pain In The Ass)

Mike Mchargue

Hardback. 256 pages.

Authentic Media's Price: £22.99

Price: £22.99

You're A Miracle (And A Pain In The Ass)

In a world that promises 30-day miracle diets and "one secret trick" to fix your life, podcast host and author Mike McHargue unmasks the hidden internal forces that make self-improvement so hard--showing how we can train our unconscious mind to create real, lasting personal change.

For thousands of years, scientists, philosophers, and self-help gurus have wrestled with one of the basic conundrums of human life: why we do the things we do. Or rather, why we so often don't do the things that we want to do. As host of the Liturgists podcast and Ask Science Mike (with over 4 million downloads per month), Mike McHargue gets thousands of emails each week from listeners seeking to understand their own misbehaviour--why we binge Netflix when we know taking a walk outside would be better for us, or why we scroll Facebook when our real friends live just down the street.

In You're A Miracle (And A Pain In The Ass), McHargue addresses why. We like to think we're in control of our thoughts and decisions, he writes, but science has shown that a host of competing impulses, emotions, and environmental factors are at play in every action we undertake. Touching on his listeners' most pressing question topics, from sex and relationships to sleep habits, spirituality, finances, and health, McHargue shows readers how to train their unconscious brain toward change that lasts.

Drawing on science, personal revelation, and spiritual insight, You're A Miracle (And A Pain In The Ass) is a guided tour through the mystery of human consciousness, showing readers how to live more at peace with themselves and the world around them.

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