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Ybsg: Sexuality (Erv) (Ebook)

Chip Kendall Helen Kendall

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Price: £2.99

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A new series of study guides for young people based on the ERV translation. Designed to be used alongside the Authentic ERV Youth Bible.

Sex is a big deal - at least that's the way it seems when you look at the TV, listen to music, check out adverts and magazines or talk to your friends. Sometimes it seems like everything in life is about sex, from finding a partner to buying shampoo! In this study guide some clarity is brought to the mystery surrounding sexuality, as Chip and Helen take a look at what the Bible says about sex.

The Youth Bible Study Guide: Sexuality is one of a series of study guides for young people designed to be used alongside the Youth Bible, Easy-to-Read Version. It contains insights from a number of well-respected authors and has been compiled by Chip and Helen Kendall.