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  • Pages: 168

Unique And Universal Christ, The

Michael Nazir-ali

Paperback. 168 pages.

Authentic Media's Price: £14.99

Price: £14.99

Unique And Universal Christ, The

An examination of the uniqueness and universality of Jesus Christ and what this might mean in today's plural world.

These days there are tremendous pressures on Christians to conform to a libertarian vision of a multifaith society where no one makes truth-claims about their faith.

In such a situation, Christians need to think afresh about the uniqueness and universality of Jesus Christ and what this might mean in today's plural world.

In this book, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali shows how Jesus' understanding of himself and his work bears on contemporary cultures and their values:

  • what does the gospel affirm, what does it fulfil and what does it challenge?
  • How does our understanding of the crucified and risen Lord affect our view of the human condition?
  • How can we evaluate the different religious traditions of the world in the light of Christ?
  • How can we be welcoming and hospitable but also committed to that conversion and transformation of individuals and of human societies which has been revealed as God's purpose in Christ?
Christian claims of uniqueness have a direct bearing on what informs the social order. This book tackles the challenge of relativism in the contemporary social and political arena head-on.

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