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Product: Tpt Passion Translation: Gospel And Acts (5-in-1 Collection) Image

Tpt Passion Translation: Gospel And Acts (5-in-1 Collection)

Brian Simmons


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Price: £19.99

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  • Pages: 484


The life of Jesus is so wonderful, powerful, and unique that there are four gospel accounts to chronicle his birth, his teachings, his love for the world, and his sacrifcial death on the cross. Everything about Jesus is glorious. The world is not able to contain all the books that should be written about this Man of Majesty! Each gospel gives us a distinct view of the miracles and beauty of our Lord Jesus. Think of them as four sides of a
diamond, with each side glistening with a message to impart to us.

Then follows the Acts of the Holy Spirit. After building our lives upon the gospel truths, we need power from the Holy Spirit to live our lives in a way that pleases God. The empowering Holy Spirit is waiting for you to discover him as you read through the historical account of the Acts of the Apostles of Jesus Christ.

This one volume contains enough truth to light up the world. May you experience this light and glory as you discover our Magnificent King and the Acts of the Holy Spirit that can flow through you!