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Totn: Miriam

Mesu Andrews


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Price: £8.99

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For all her eighty-six years, Miriam has found complete contentment in her relationship with El Shaddai, but when her brother Moses returns from exile proclaiming God's new name, Yahweh, troubling doubts plague her night and
day. Respected as a midwife and for tending her aging parents, she is suddenly forced to submit to Moses and Aaron's leadership. And then Miriam, like the rest of Israel, endures the consequences of the first three plagues with the Egyptians: the bloody Nile, the frogs, the gnats/lice, without any hope or explanation of what is coming next.

Miriam immerses readers into the amazing events that transpired in Miriam's life between the time she heard Yahweh's new name and when she led Israel's women in a victory dance across the Red Sea.

This is the second book in The Treasures of the Nile series.
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