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Time To Hope, A Bestseller

Naomi Reed

Hardback. 384 pages.

Authentic Media's Price: £12.99

Price: £12.99

Time To Hope, A

Many of us have favourite Bible verses that we draw comfort from, but we don't always know their context or understand how they fit into the main story arc of the Bible.

Tracing the big picture of God's story through the key themes and events from Genesis to Revelation allows us to see the abundant riches in God's Word. As you read the unfolding story day by day, you can encounter God in all his glorious holiness and faithfulness.

If you have ever struggled to read the Bible from cover to cover, then this devotional will help you find a way in to God's big story and help you fall in love with Jesus all over again.

Content Benefits:

This daily devotional provides an accessible way into the whole Bible story and will enable you to understand the story of God's salvation plan and his faithfulness through the ages.

- Will help you understand the main themes of the Bible.
- Provides a scriptural reflection and prayer for each day.
- Perfect for quiet times.
- Provides a structured plan to read the key parts of the Bible in a year.
- Provides an accessible entry point for those who want to read the whole Bible.
- Will help you see how the Bible fits together as a whole.
- Written in an engaging way that is suitable for all to understand.
- Gold foiling on cover images adds a luxurious feel.
- Hardback cover ensures the book is durable enough to be used every day.
- Hardback cover and foiling make this a gift that can be treasured.
- Will help you fall more in love with God as you see his faithfulness through the ages.
- A perfect gift for any occasion to inspire friends, family or loved ones.
- Naomi Reed was a missionary in Nepal, and she brings a fresh perspective to the reflections.
- Binding - Hardback
- Pages - 384
- Publisher - Authentic Media

Q&A with Naomi Reed

Why did you decide to write A Time to Hope?
Twelve years ago, I read the Bible all the way through, from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. It was wonderful! I loved seeing all the connections. The Bible is God's vast, sweeping story about his plan for his world. And in the Bible, we see his character - his goodness and faithfulness and justice and patience and plan, through the Lord Jesus. I found it so helpful to read the Bible quickly, as a single narrative, and notice all of it pointing to Jesus. So then I thought it would be great to be able to capture the sweep of the Bible in an easy-to-read devotional book.

What makes this book different from other devotions?
Most other devotional books seem to be structured around themes or ideas, using Bible verses in support of those themes. A Time to Hope is unique in that the 365 daily devotions work systematically through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and they cover every book and theme in the Bible. God's Word is an ancient, complex text, so it's important to stop and consider who is speaking to whom, and when and why. We need to remember that this is God's long story, rather than treating it as a self-help manual, or reducing it to being all about us. I also think that in society, nowadays, we tend to be time poor and scattered, so our tendency is to reduce complex ideas and concepts to tiny memes or slogans or quotes. In doing so, we can miss the context of God's plan throughout history. A Time to Hope reminds us of the weight of God's long story, and our need for Jesus, to redeem and transform.

And what do you think being a missionary in another culture has brought to your understanding of the Bible for A Time to Hope?
Serving for six years in Nepal changed me. It helped me to read the Bible through different eyes and within a different language and worldview. It helped me to see how limited my own experiences and understanding of God had been.

What do you hope readers will most get out of reading this book?
I hope they will be drawn back to the plan and promises of God, through the Lord Jesus, in a wonderful, life-changing way. I hope they will profoundly know the deep hope we share in Christ.

In summary, how would you describe A Time to Hope?
A Time to Hope is a daily devotional book that draws people back to the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, reminding the reader of God's long story and ongoing plans and purposes in Christ. It's a profound, immersive experience of reading the Bible, and letting the Bible read us.


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