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Stretched (Ebook)

Emma Rutland

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Price: £7.99

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Stretched is a glimpse into the reality of living with children with special needs and the pain of baby loss, and is a very candid account of the unpredictable nature of a life not imagined and a faith that is tested.

Nurse Emma Rutland's joy at the promise of starting a family did not turn out as she expected as pregnancy and bearing healthy children proved challenging. In the midst of loss, including a stillborn son and miscarriage, she had three daughters and had to learn to deal with severe illness, Downs' Syndrome and autism.

As Emma's dreams of a normal, happy family life with husband Andy were overtaken by the reality of loss and disability, she searched for hope.

Emma's story is one of fear and loss, hope and strength, reality and acceptance and, ultimately, the victory of living an unexpected life with a faithful God.

Real, raw and candid, Stretched will encourage anyone struggling with baby loss or parenting challenges.