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Spirituality Without God

Harold NetlandKeith E Yandell

Paperback. 250 pages.

Authentic Media's Price: £14.99

Price: £14.99

Spirituality Without God

In recent years Buddhism has attracted a fast-growing following in North America and Europe. In part, this is because Buddhism seems to offer peace and inner tranquillity, a profound spirituality and insight into ultimate reality yet without the need for belief in a God. To many spiritual seekers in the post-Christian West this 'spirituality without God' has strong appeal.

Whilst Buddhism has been a formative influence in the cultures of South and East Asia it is a relatively new arrival in the West and is little understood by Christians. This book has the twofold aim of introducing the diverse Buddhist traditions to Western readers and of offering a Christian engagement with the central truth-claims of Buddhism. This book is one of few attempts by Christians to offer a respectful and informed, but honest and robust critique of this important religion. It forms a helpful contribution to inter-faith understanding and discussions.

' This is interfaith dialogue at its best. Netland and Yandell provide a thoughtful understanding of Buddhism, followed by a careful pressing of internal problems within Buddhism, then a constructive summary of real differences between Christianity and Buddhism. They also succeed in establishing the plausibility of Christianity in the light of various possible Buddhist critiques. No reader, Christian or Buddhist, will be left unchallenged by this lucid exposition, critique, and proclamation.'


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