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Sisters Of Lazarus

Paula Parker


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Price: £8.99

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  • Dimensions: 16 x 140 x 216 mm
  • Weight: 0.280kg
  • Pages: 240


Martha and Mary, the two sisters of Lazarus, couldn't be more different.

Martha, the elder, is plain and self-conscious; Mary, the younger, is beautiful. One sees her value only in serving, while the other believes her outward appearance is her only asset. Their worlds are turned upside down when Lazarus offers hospitality to an intriguing new teacher named Jesus.

Paula K. Parker's evocative writing draws readers in, allowing them to feel like a fellow guest sharing the sisters' wonder at meeting Jesus and his transforming power.

"Sisters of Lazarus is a fun and meaningful read, offering the best of what biblical fiction provides - a tale built around beloved scriptural figures. But Paula Parker goes deeper than just creating an entertaining story featuring Mary and Martha, she explores the eternal question of what it means to be truly beautiful."
Roma Downey - executive producer of The Bible miniseries and star of TV's long-running Touched by an Angel

"A riveting story of love, longing and faith. Paula combines masterful storytelling with well-crafted dialogue. The result is a cast of biblical characters fresh, human and real. Through the eyes of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, the reader eagerly connects with three siblings from a normal, dysfunctional family."
Bonnie Keen - Recording Artist, Actor, Author

Extra Descriptions

Written by Paula K. Barker, 'Sisters of Lazarus' is a heart warming and humorous re-telling of the story of Mary and Martha.