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Seht: When The Lord Walked The Land (Ebook)

Kenneth Jeffrey

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Previous studies of revival have tended to approach these remarkable moments in history from either a strictly local or a sweeping national perspective. In so doing they have dealt with either the detailed circumstances of a particular situation or the broader course of events. These approaches, however, have given the incorrect impression that religious awakening are uniform movements. As a result revivals have been misunderstood as homogeneous campaigns. This is the first study of the 1859 revival from a regional level in a comprehensive manner. It examines this movement, arguably the most significant and far-reaching awakening in modern times, as it appeared in the city of Aberdeen, the rural hinterland of north-east Scotland, and among the fishing villages and towns that stretch along the Moray Firth. It reveals how, far from being unvarying, the 1859 revival was richly diverse. It uncovers the important influence that local contexts brought to bear upon the timing and manifestation of this awakening. Above all, it has established the heterogeneous nature of simultaneous revival movements that appeared in the same vicinity.