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Product: Sbht: Baptist Sacramentalism 2 Image

Sbht: Baptist Sacramentalism 2

Anthony Cross (Ed) Philip Thompson (Ed)


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This second collection of essays exploring various dimensions of sacramental theology from a Baptist perspective includes biblical, historical, and theological studies by scholars from around the world. Subjects covered are sacraments and sacramentality, sacrament, and sacrifice in Hebrews the sacrament of fearful intimacy, the church as sacrament, baptism, and the Lord's Supper for post-Christendom Baptists, Pauline baptism and Roman Insulae, open communion for the contemporary church, penance, sacred space, recovering a biblcal understanding of baptismal regeneration, the Lord's Supper and the spirituality of C. H. Spurgeon, Southern Baptist eucharistic sacramentalism and soul competency, rethinking ex opere operato sacramentalism, the sacramentality of the word in Gregory of Nyssa, and searching for a common theology of baptism between Baptists and the Churches of Christ. This volume does not speak the final word on the subject but is a step along the way toward the recovery and reconstruction of a robust sacramentalism in a Baptist modality.