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  • Dimensions: 25 x 150 x 183 mm
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  • Pages: 370

Questions And Answers For Kids

Scott Bowen

Hardback. 370 pages.

Authentic Media's Price: £9.99

Price: £9.99

Questions And Answers For Kids

Questions and Answers for Kids is a journal that provides a wonderfully unique way to help your family learn more about God together.

With Questions and Answers you will be able to ask your kids a question each day for the next three years, enabling your family to meet together daily to talk about both the silly and the serious and document it along the way. This journal gives your family space to explore together both core questions about building character, such as 'What's the difference between a mistake and a bad choice?', 'What qualities are in a true friend?' and silly questions about the world around us like, 'What animal makes the coolest noise?' and 'What is the worst smell in the world?'

Together you and your kids will be able to visit the same question on the same day year after year and watch how your child's thoughts about life and the world change. Their response may be serious, silly, or surprising, but this journal provides a safe place where your child can share their real, authentic self. Each question is also partnered with an encouraging Bible verse.

The wide range of questions offer a few lines to write a response, making this a wonderful way to get to know your child's unfolding personality as well as providing an open door to ask the hard questions. This journal will become a treasured keepsake and is a great way to get to know your child and help guide them to follow Jesus.

From the author, Scott Bowen:

"I am just a dad. Our son (8) had a hard time expressing his thoughts and feelings and my wife and I noticed that at dinner he was usually not engaged in our conversation. As a concerned parent, I decided to write some questions that we could use as conversation starters for our family. I was surprised at how well this worked so I kept writing more. After a while I thought these would make a great book and allow other families to achieve the same success of great family conversations. I added some cartoons that matched each question to keep the children more engaged and involved in the conversation. We've found the cartoons really capture the essence of the questions and are so fun. It has been such an encouragement to hear the stories from other families who have used the book. I am thankful that the effort to bring the book to print has impacted so many. I hope your family is impacted greatly as well!"


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