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Prayer Of Agur, The

Jay Payleitner

Hardback. 112 pages.

Authentic Media's Price: £10.99

Price: £10.99

Prayer Of Agur, The

Discover how an obscure biblical author shows us how to find balance, embrace contentment, and trust God--even in our modern, busy lives.

'The Prayer of Agur' introduces readers to a little-known biblical author named Agur who wrote a single chapter at the end of the book of Proverbs. Contained within this amusing, seemingly nonsensical chapter is a simple yet compelling prayer, in which he asks God to 'give me neither poverty nor riches. But give me only my daily bread.'

Life in the twenty-first century is way out of balance, careening between extremes. Too many individuals, families, churches, and communities are trapped in a desperate cycle of chasing wealth and possessions, while fearing poverty. So this simple prayer has larger-than-life implications. When we live in God's sweet spot, we can achieve soul-satisfying equilibrium in our jobs, personal ministry, and relationships. As a result, we make fewer bad decisions and avoid the emotional baggage that comes from trying to do too much or survive with too little.

In 'The Prayer of Agur', best-selling author and radio producer Jay Payleitner unpacks the wit and wisdom in this Old Testament passage, giving readers insight into how they can find a new perspective on the value of humility, the perks of moderation, and the eternal rewards of trusting God.


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