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  • Dimensions: 227 x 152 x 229 mm
  • Weight: 0.620kg
  • Pages: 350

Pbm: Three Gospels, The

Martin Mosse

Paperback. 350 pages. Part of the Paternoster Biblical Monographs Series

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Pbm: Three Gospels, The

This is a book with a double thrust. Dr Mosse presents an unremittingly logical assault upon the Synoptic Problem which develops into a general treatment of the major issues in New Testament history. Repeatedly affirming the testimony of Papias and the Early Fathers, Mosse offers a carefully integrated case for early dates and traditional authorship of the three Synoptic Gospels and Acts in opposition to the redundant hypothesis of Q. This in turn leads into a study of Paul's later career, including a detailed discussion of the dates and provenance of his later epistles.Along the way he addresses cruces such as the chronology of Jesus' ministry in "Mark" and "John"; the day and date of the crucifixion; the identification and dates of Paul's visits to Jerusalem; Paul's ever-changing Corinthian itineraries; the date and addressees of Galatians; and many others. All this is supported by a wealth of reference material including a full chronology of the New Testament and a historical survey of all the epistles in their probable sequence. The end product has a wide appeal which will attract New Testament specialists as well as students of theology, preachers and laity seeking to refresh their understanding of modern New Testament scholarship.

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