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Product: Pbm: Anthony C Thiselton And The Grammar Of Hermeneutics (Ebook) Image

Pbm: Anthony C Thiselton And The Grammar Of Hermeneutics (Ebook)

Robert Knowles

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Price: £35.99

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A provisional and preliminary attempt to show how the formative hermeneutical thinking of Anthony C. Thiselton - once systematized and critiqued - can begin to resolve the major problems found in the discipline of hermeneutics today, most notably its varying 'disunities' - theoretical, practical, and inter-disciplinary.

This book aims to show that the formative thinking of Anthony C. Thiselton provides valuable insights for a programmatic construction towards a unified hermeneutical theory. This construction provides powerful keys for unlocking six contemporary problems in hermeneutics: disorganization, complexity, abstraction, theoretical disunity on several levels, inter-disciplinary polarization, and irresponsible interpretation. Robert Knowles' exhaustive analysis engages critically and creatively.