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Patterns Of Evidence: Exodus

Timothy P Mahoney


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You never know where a crisis of faith will lead you. Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney had one important question: Did the Exodus story as written in the Bible really happen?
According to most scholars today, the answer is a resounding "no." Many would say it is just a myth, a fairy tale. Shaken by these opinions, Mahoney decides to tackle this issue with a deliberate scientific approach. After identifying key details in the biblical text, he embarks on a 12-year journey across the globe, traveling to the very locations the biblical events are said to have happened to see firsthand whether there is evidence for the Exodus or not.
After interviewing some of the world's leading archaeologists, he comes to a profound question: What if the experts have been looking for evidence in the wrong time period? The result is one of the most revealing and in-depth investigations into the Exodus, one that allows you to come to your own conclusions about an amazing pattern of evidence and what it might mean for today.