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Patm: Theological Antinomy

Joel D Arnold


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Price: £24.99

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Scripture's teaching on the Incarnation, the Trinity, divine sovereignty
with human responsibility, and the problem of evil lead to irresolvable
tensions or paradoxes. In the process of building a biblical theology of
paradox, Theological Antinomy carefully assesses the biblical passages
for whether they truly contain tensions and if any of the resolutions
that have been suggested are sufficient. Joel Arnold suggests a
model for how conservative interpreters can proceed through the
theological process without distorting the exegetical information or
abandoning logical consistency. The book concludes with a rigorous,
critical examination of Open Theism and its handling of theological
paradox. Theological Antinomy drives the reader back to the biblical
text, compels self-conscious analysis theology, and provokes awe at
the rich complexity of biblical revelation.