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My First Rodeo

Stoney Stamper


Authentic Media's Price: £14.99

Price: £14.99

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The Daddy Diaries is a warm and honest collection of stories that reveal the ups, downs, and delights of being a family man, from a guy who never dreamed of being one.

Happily unmarried with no desire for a change in status, Stoney Stamper met a beautiful lady with two daughters, and to his surprise fell head over boots in love. A warm, honest, and ultimately encouraging collection of stories that reveal the delights of being a family man.

The Daddy Diaries will contain approximately 70% fresh, new material, never before read by fans and friends of The Daddy Diaries blog. The remaining 30% will be drawn from the most popular posts over the years since Stoney began recording his heartwarming and hilarious stories.