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My Diary:emily Owen (Ebook)

Emily Owen

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Price: £5.99

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Hi, I'm Emily.

I loved music and sport at school and wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. But then I discovered that I had a serious illness. I needed lots of operations which changed my life forever. Suddenly my life was going to be very different to the one I had planned. Would I still be able to trust God?

I wrote a diary to help me remember what happened, how I felt, and how God helped me. I hope it might help you to see how God is with you too.

P.S. It's alright if you read my diary, but I don't want anyone else to see it, OK?

Content Benefits:

Written as diary entries, children can see first-hand how Emily learnt to trust God in all her circumstances and learn that even though life might not work out as expected, God always has a plan.

- A real-life story of difficulty, disability and hope
- Covers issues such as self-image, self-worth, loss, faith, perseverance and mental health
- Questions at the end of the book help start conversations around these topics
- Looks at how a teenager dealt with becoming deaf and faced serious health issues
- Told in a first person, diary format
- Includes line drawings
- Shows that God is with us even in the worst of circumstances
- Encourages readers to be thankful everyday
- Ideal for Sunday School prizes or gifts
- Suitable for schools to use in RE or PHSE
- Suitable for children aged 8-11
- Binding - Paperback
- Pages - 208
- Publisher - Authentic Media