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Mountains Move (Ebook)

Steve Bell

E Books.

Authentic Media's Price: £9.99

Price: £9.99

Mountains Move (Ebook)

Society is made up of various cultural groups trying to live together. We aim for social cohesion, but how do we do this as society becomes increasingly complex, aided and abetted by political correctness?

Steve Bell peels back the complex layers of our multi-cultural society to reveal the inner workings of our national life. Using the metaphor of a mountain range, he identifies the major obstacles to meaningful and mutually respectful interaction between Christians and Muslims and encourages intelligent Christian engagement with western culture.

It seems mountains can move, but only when grace and truth are involved in all spheres of society, as fair-minded people of all faiths and none, learn to model the necessary attitude and actions.

Content Benefits:

Looks at the issues of living in a multi-cultural society and asks how we can achieve social cohesion in a mutually respectful manner.

  • Metaphor of a mountain range allows the various obstacles in our national life to be challenged
  • Examines issues such as the legacy of colonialism, racism, political correctness and Christian/Muslim relations
  • Unpacks the idea that minority social groups are now at odds among themselves
  • Shows that with mutual respect in all spheres that there is a way forward to social cohesion
  • Encourages honest and respectful debate by learning how to 'face facts' about one another without 'fuelling fear' of one another
  • Will enable us to understand why we think as we do in our country, and how that insight can help bring change
  • Engenders mutual respect that can lead to new and constructive dialogue that facilitates change
  • Suitable for anyone who wants to see a more cohesive society
  • Helpful for anyone in leadership, whether faith based or secular
  • Ideal reading for students engaging in multi culturalism/ interfaith dialogue
  • Author is an internationally recognised communicator with forty years' experience in cross-cultural issues

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