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  • Dimensions: 10 x 215 x 139 mm
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  • Pages: 147

More Bricks Less Straw

David Farrington

Paperback. 147 pages.

Authentic Media's Price: £5.99

Price: £5.99

More Bricks Less Straw

In today's cutthroat business environment, leaders are expected to do more with less. Bottom lines are on the increase; available resources on the decrease. Worse, managers must achieve these grand goals while keeping morale at an all-time high. This isn't just a trend. It's the state of business today. And really, it's nothing new. In ancient Egypt, the Israelite slaves were forced to make more bricks with less straw. With fewer and fewer resources, the Israelites had to find ways to meet higher and higher demands. David Farrington transports this and other familiar Bible stories into the modern workplace, demonstrating timetested solutions adelegation of authority, effective communication, consensus building, and more afor today's time-pressed business leaders. As a veteran of consulting for Fortune 500 companies, Farrington knows how to produce more effective business leaders. His penetrating insights give leaders innovative strategies for building morale and creating a positive work environment amaking the most of workers' efforts in a way that is beneficial to you, your team, and your entire organization. Each chapter discusses the importance of each principal by answering: What's in it for the leader? What's in it for the team? What's in it for the organization?

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