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Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology (Ebook)

Richard Harvey

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Richard Harvey, himself a Messianic Jew, maps the diverse theological terrain of this young movement.

He makes an original and innovative contribution by clarifying, affirming and constructively critiquing the present state of its theology. The book examines five topics of theological concern:

  • God's nature, activity and attributes (can the one God of Israel and the Christian Trinity be the same?)
  • The Messiah (Messianic Jewish Christologies)
  • Torah in theory (the meaning and interpretation of the Torah in the light of Jesus)
  • Torah in practice (Messianic practice of Sabbath, food laws and Passover)
  • Eschatology (the diverse models employed within the movement to describe the future of Israel).
Within each topic Harvey explores the range of Messianic Jewish views and their roots in both Jewish and Christian theological traditions.

The author proposes a typology of eight theological tendencies within Messianic Judaism and identifies issues where further theological development is required.