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Product: Man In White, The Image

Man In White, The

Ernest F Crocker


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Price: £9.99

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  • Pages: 240


An inspiring selection of testimonies from around the world of people who have seen God do extraordinary things in and through their lives.

'The Man in White' is a collection of extraordinary stories of people from all walks of life who have experienced God's intervention in the most remarkable circumstances. They include professionals, academics, a train robber, a surgeon facing decapitation for his faith, a Christian song writer and those who have escaped the ravages of war.

The Bible describes a great multitude of people from every nation on earth, clothed in white, worshipping God at the end of time.They represent those who have put their trust in God and who have known his presence and his purpose and Ernest Crocker has collated inspiring stories of people that exemplify those values. They will inspire you to follow Jesus more deeply and encourage you to persevere through trials so that you too can be numbered in that great multitude on that final day.