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King Of God's Kingdom, The

David Seccombe


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Scholars, clergy and lay people alike will welcome this publication that addresses the problems raised by biblical scholarship concerning the man Jesus and his mission.

"A cross between a "life of Christ" and a contribution to the "quest of the historical Jesus," this book offers a thorough presentation and analysis of all the major events and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Sometimes the groupings are thematic, sometimes the structure is chronological, but always there is a robust defense of the historicity of the canonical Gospels' material along with penetrating analysis as to its meaning. . . Evangelicals who want to write on the historical Jesus and/or the life of the Christ in the future will most assuredly have to take thoroughly into account both the form and content of Seccombe's volume. Someone who has never read a work of this genre would be hard pressed to find a better exemplar with which to begin." - Craig L Blomberg. - Publisher.

Extra Descriptions

David Seccombe is Principal of George Whitefield College in Cape Town and Adjunct Professor of New Testament of Potchefstroom University of Christian Higher Education. He has taught New Testament and Theology since coming to South Africa in 1993, prior to which he was Rector of an Anglican church in Perth Western Australia. He read theology at Moore Theological College in Sydney and has a PhD from Cambridge University. He has published Possessions and the Poor in Luke-Acts (SNTU: Linz, 1982) and Dust to Destiny: Reading Romans Today (Aquila: Sydney, 1996), as well as various scholarly articles.

This book addresses the problems raised by biblical scholarship concerning Jesus and his mission. Much of Jesus' ministry remains a mystery; many of the things he said and did do not fit neatly into traditional Christian interpretation. He spoke of the coming of the kingdom of God but what become of this new age which was meant to be tangible and nearThe King of God's Kingdom in part is an attempt to uncover and understand Jesus and His vision. At the same time Seccombe inspires confidence in the historical Jesus overcoming much of the confusion that has been created in the last two hundred years. With conviction of the urgency of these issues for the Christian faith today he presents a solution to the puzzle in the form of an account of Jesus' ministry years.

The King of God's Kingdom is an examination of the three vital ministry years of Jesus in an attempt to uncover their coherence and the vision that drove him forward, ultimately to death. A proper understanding of his preaching of the kingdom of God provides the answer.

The thesis that unfolds in this study is that Jesus did indeed announce the breaking in of a concrete new age of restoration for Israel (and the world). Enjoyment of it, however, was always conditional on acceptance of him. From early in his ministry he also warned of a dreadful alternative - a national catastrophe - if his call was ignored. It was this which eventuated - in the way he predicted it. The kingdom retreated, though only its final consummate form. Its authority and power were paradoxically established by Jesus' death, at the very moment of its rejection and apparent defeat. The kingdom lives and grows hidden and often unrecognised in the world. It awaits its ultimate unveiling.