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Journey: The Way Of The Disciple

Richard Littledale


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Price: £9.99

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An accessible and thought-provoking devotional look at the nature of discipleship through the lens of pilgrimage.

What do we learn about God whilst on the move which could not be learnt whilst stationary?

From Abraham, Moses, Ruth to Jesus himself and the apostle Paul, the Bible is full of stories of people on the move and Journey looks at what we can learn from looking at the Christian life as one of pilgrimage.

The chapters cover subjects such as provisions needed on the journey, communications and companions along the way, distractions from the path, the growth of 'new monasticism', and death as 'journey's end'. With questions for personal reflection included after each chapter this is much more than a book about pilgrimage, it encourages the reader to learn to journey through life in an attitude of pilgrimage -revealing that it is often in the very act of journeying that we find our deepest spiritual insights.