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Product: Joe's Table: Hi, My Name Is Joseph, What's Your Name? Image

Joe's Table: Hi, My Name Is Joseph, What's Your Name?

Stephanie Chung


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Price: £9.99

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Hi, my name is Joe.
What is your name?

This sign hangs overhead at a unique cafe called Joe's Table, named after Joseph Chung. Joseph was diagnosed with autism at a young age and was also afflicted with a seizure disorder. Because Joseph loved to socialise in his own loving and harmless way, Dr. Stephanie Chung and her husband envisioned a job where Joseph could experience the joy and self-esteem that comes from having meaningful work. Joe had a talent for engaging people by greeting them. A coffee shop seemed like the perfect place for that gift.

Joseph passed away unexpectedly in September 2012. Stephanie had to face despair and frustration once again as she sent her child to heaven before her. In that moment, she met the heart of God. Joe's Table continued to evolve and had its grand opening on June 24, 2013. Now it is a one-ofa- kind coffee shop that serves the community and opens employment opportunities for those with different abilities.