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Jesus The Game Changer Season 2 Dvd

Karl Faase


Authentic Media's Price: £19.99

Price: £19.99

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  • Product Code: 5060256822042
  • ISBN: 0256822042
  • EAN: 5060256822042
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  • Category: Documentary Dvds
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  • Publisher: Authentic Media
  • Date Published: Mar 2020
  • Authentic Media sales rank: #483
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This sequel to the award-winning documentary 'Jesus the Game Changer' is a 13-episode series, hosted by Karl Faase.

Why did followers of Jesus take his message and risk danger and death to ensure people heard the gospel?

Follow along as Karl speaks to over 50 guests around the world about how and why the gospel spread to become a truly global faith. Be inspired by stories of faith and courage of those who went to the ends of the earth, and consider what it looks like now to take the gospel from everywhere, to everywhere.

An accompanying discussion guide helps make this a great resource for your church or small group.

The twin DVD pack contains thirteen 26:30 minutes episodes.