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Is The Bible Good For Women?

Wendy Horger Alsup


Authentic Media's Price: £12.99

Price: £12.99

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  • Catalogue Code: 457585
  • Product Code: 9781601429001
  • ISBN: 1601429002
  • EAN: 9781601429001
  • E-Store: General Interest
  • Category: Women
  • Sub-Category: General
  • Publisher: Multnomah Uk
  • Date Published: Apr 2017
  • Authentic Media sales rank: #433
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  • Weight: 0.369kg
  • Pages: 224


Bible teacher and theologian Wendy Alsup offers her readers tools for interpreting tough passages surrounding the female identity in Scripture. Wendy shows that it is possible to embrace the fullness of femininity while still cherishing the Bible.

A Jesus-centered understanding of Scripture weaves a connected and coherent story that gives context to individual passages about or to women. In this book, we will find a noble, inspiring commission to women, one that remains orthodox and connects that understanding of womanhood to the transcendent message of
Scripture, the good news of Jesus Christ. After reading this text, women will have a better understanding of Scripture as a whole, and they will understand the noble, inspiring vision of a Biblical womanhood that is good for women and therefore good for the world that the Bible gives us.