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Infused With Life

Andrew Percey


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Price: £9.99

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A timely challenge to rediscover God's gift of rest in the midst of our busy modern lives.

In a stressful, task orientated life, the idea of rest is often reduced to a nominal notion of time off, which is too often pushed out of our busy schedules. We hear the words about rest but then carry on regardless. We know the importance of rest, but we rarely see the benefits in our own lives.

Andy Percey challenges us to see that the God-given idea of rest is about far more than recovering a work- life balance, and is actually about experiencing rest as harmony with our Creator and the world he has made. As he journeys through scripture, Percey shows us the importance of rest for the community of faith, and then explores what that might look like for us today. Far from being simply about relaxation, what we find is that we are infused with the very best of the life God freely gives us.

Widely referenced, deep and thought-provoking, this is a book to savour and allow it to change how we structure our twenty-first century lives.