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Homeward Bound

Graeme Goldsworthy


Authentic Media's Price: £9.99

Price: £9.99

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  • Catalogue Code: 532681
  • Product Code: 9781788930277
  • ISBN: 1788930274
  • EAN: 9781788930277
  • E-Store: Academic
  • Category: Theology
  • Sub-Category: General
  • Publisher: Paternoster
  • Date Published: Jun 2019
  • Authentic Media sales rank: #2691
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  • Weight: 0.176kg
  • Pages: 160


A thorough but highly accessible guide to thinking more creatively and biblically about the theme of Sabbath Rest throughout Scripture.

Homeward Bound examines the biblical theme of 'rest' and how this should impact on our understanding of faith and life.

While many Christians today have focused on a Sabbath rest as somehow just relating to what we do or do not do on a Sunday, Goldsworthy takes the reader on a journey of discovery through the whole Bible to show that God's idea of Sabbath rest goes far beyond taking one day a week off work.

In fact, the idea of a Sabbath rest for God's people is deeply embedded in the whole history of humanity, from creation to Revelation. With an expert eye and a light touch, Goldsworthy looks at key areas of the Christian idea of rest, including the Sabbath day, the idea of the promised land, return from exile, heaven as the Christian's final 'home', and ultimately the final consummation of time in 'the kingdom of God', the new creation.

Goldsworthy expertly shows how the themes and ideas of rest in the Old Testament foreshadow truths that are ultimately revealed in the New Testament.