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Held In Your Bottle

Jeannie Kendall


Authentic Media's Price: £9.99

Price: £9.99

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Combining contemporary stories, biblical narrative and psychological insights, Held in Your Bottle looks at the many reasons why we cry, and why these tears are important to our wellbeing and to God.

Whether we are crying tears of regret, loss, gratitude or anger the Bible says that God holds them all in his bottle. We can draw comfort from the fact that no tear goes unseen by him.

Each of these emotions is explored by a modern day story mirroring a retelling of a relevant Bible character's experience. Insightful reflections then help us understand the issues raised.

Held in Your Bottle will enable you to look at the Bible in a fresh way and help you accept and understand your emotional life.

Content Benefits:

By exploring the myriad of tears and emotions we all experience from a Christian viewpoint, you can begin to understand your own story, help improve your mental health and draw comfort from the fact that God sees your pain and sorrow and is with you in all your circumstances.

  • Provides biblical insights into our emotional lives
  • Looks at the different types of tears and emotions we experience
  • Combines modern day testimonies, biblical text and theological insights
  • Shows the relevance of the Bible today
  • Includes retellings of Bible stories as reimagined first person narratives
  • Unpacks the idea in Psalm 56 that God holds our tears in his bottle
  • Themes include family pain, goodbyes, friendship, loss, fear, anger and stress
  • Reveals a loving God who brings comfort and dignity to the human experience
  • Will bring hope to anyone suffering hard or emotionally difficult times
  • Perfect for anyone looking to understand their emotional life
  • Ideal for anyone looking to renew their wellbeing
  • Suitable for anyone in pastoral, counselling or leadership roles