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God's Dangerous Book (Ebook)

Nick Page

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God's Dangerous Book is the dramatic story of the history of the Bible. More, its a book about how the Bible has always been a dangerous, provocative text. The Bible is more than just a piece of literature. It's a challenge, an inspiration, a wild, unsettling mandate for revolutionary behaviour. And that is exactly how people have used it over the years - for good and ill.

Uniquely presented, God's Dangerous Book draws together story and scholarship with lively accounts of the people, powers and incidents involved in bringing the Bible, in the language of the people, into English. Informative, thought-provoking and very readable, this is a book that will help you discover the story behind the world's bestseller. It tells how the Bible was created, how it became a best-selling book and the effects it had on those who encountered it. Through a discussion of democracy and literacy, learning and communication this book shows how the Bible is, above all, about freedom and why Gandhi described God's book as 'containing enough dynamite to blow all civilisation to pieces.'
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Inspired by Ghandi's description of the Bible - a book that contains dynamite that is explosive enough to blow all civilization to pieces.God's Dangerous Book, by Nick Page, presents a unique history of the Bible with lively accounts of people, incidents, events and powers involved in bringing the language of the Bible to the people. The book makes a fantastic resource for being both informative and thought provoking, and in an extremely readable way will help you to discover the story behind the Bible and how it was created. Nick writes about how the Bible has come to be the best-selling book and the effects it had on those who encountered it. Nick discusses the democracy and literacy and the learning and education of the the Bible.