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God Gave Us Family

Lisa Tawn Bergren David Hohn (Illus)


Authentic Media's Price: £7.99

Price: £7.99

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With delightful, immersive illustrations and meaningful text, God Gave Us Family extends the best-selling children's series in this heartwarming edition, teaching kids what it means to be in families of all kinds.

Little Pup questions his Mama and Papa about the make-up of their family and learns about other families, those who have adopted or have just a single-parent.The young wolf learns that being part of his pack is being in a family too, and that families are sometimes those whom you are related to, but a lot of times, one has a family by choice too. Most importantly, he learns that God gives families to each other so that everyone can be cared for and loved--in the same way that God loves all his children.