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Genius Of Jesus, The

Erwin Raphael Mcmanus


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Price: £20.99

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A ground breaking manifesto on the countless ways Jesus of Nazareth transformed our world--and empowers us to live lives of courage, purpose, and grace today. From the bestselling author of 'The Last Arrow' and 'The Way of the Warrior'.

In every realm of our existence--art, technology, mathematics--we are captivated by stories of genius. Geniuses violate the status quo, destabilize old ways of thinking, and ultimately disrupt history by making us see the world

We see this effect when we consider the canon of history's great geniuses, from Leonardo da Vinci to Steve Jobs. But when we look for the genius who left the most lasting impact on human life--our search for truth; our
desire to know who we are; our notion that happiness is about more than seeking to serve ourselves--we inevitably encounter Jesus.

Despite having lived in obscurity for most his life, Jesus of Nazareth is undeniably one of the most influential people to have ever walked the face of the earth. In 'The Genius of Jesus', Erwin Raphael McManus asks: what would happen if we studied and emulated Jesus, not only through the lens of his divinity, but as a genius who showed us what it means to live fully human?

Drawing on scripture, history, and stories from his own ministry, McManus dives into the nuances of Jesus's words and actions, showing how they can not only inspire us, but transform how we think about humility, freedom, and the purpose that makes our lives worth living.

For Christians who want to better know and understand their faith, or for readers who want to create their most powerful future, 'The Genius of Jesus' is a thought-provoking study of the most important person who ever lived.