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From Pain To Power

Mary Ellen Mann


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Price: £11.99

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Biblically sound, therapeutically valid help for women and teenage girls seeking recovery from the deep wounds of sexual violation.

Sexual abuse is a global epidemic. In North America alone, some 42 million girls and women struggle with the trauma of past or ongoing sexual abuse. Christians are not exempt from this evil. Women who suffer the effects of sexual violation will welcome Mary Ellen Mann's message of hope and empowerment, as well as her practical, proven steps toward overcoming sexual trauma.

From Pain to Power gives readers practical tools and practices to help overcome the effects of sexual trauma. Among the issues
addressed (along with solutions provided) are:
1. Am I a bad person who somehow deserved to be abused?
2. Did I do or say something to invite inappropriate sexual attention and violation?
3. Was I singled out for mistreatment due to a flaw in my character, or because my faith is weak, or as the result of some other personal failure?
4. If I didn't deserve the abuse, why am I still so destroyed by it?
5. Why did the violation come at the hands of someone I trusted: a family member, a friend, boyfriend, teacher, coach, professor, pastor, or youth leader?
6. Will I ever find a way to reclaim the person I once was?
7. Can I ever safely trust others again?
8. How can I live in freedom while constantly protecting myself from further violation?
9. How can I regain the peace, sense of security, and sense of self that were taken from me?
10. What does it mean to be royalty, a beloved daughter of the God most high, when I have been the target of sexual violation?