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Finding Our Voice

Jeannie Kendall


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Price: £9.99

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An interesting and often challenging look at some of the unnamed people in the Bible and their contemporary counterparts.

In Finding Our Voice, powerful modern-day testimony intermingles with the often raw experiences of those we read about in the pages of the Bible - unnamed characters who have, in a sense, never had a 'voice' of their own.

The Bible is full of stories of people facing surprisingly modern issues. Within its pages, people have wrestled with issues such as living with depression, losing a child, overcoming shame, surviving abuse, and searching for meaning. Yet these are not the stories of the well-known heroes of faith, but those of people whose names are not even recorded in the Bible. Jeannie Kendall brings these unnamed people to life, reimagining their story from the Biblical text in order to hear their voice today. The issues and experiences unpacked in these reflections are then mirrored by a relevant testimony from someone who has dealt with similar situations in today's world.

Kendall then reflects on both these voices to give real insight into these issues. Finding our Voice portrays the human condition in painful reality, but as the author masterfully connects the past with the present day, the thread of hope runs through the book that whatever our circumstances, we are all 'known to God'.

Finding our Voice draws the reader into the Bible in a thought-provoking and insightful way as we are challenged to view and re-view the stories from a very different perspective.