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Product: Extreme New Testament Bible Trivia Challenge, The Image

Extreme New Testament Bible Trivia Challenge, The

Troy Schmidt


Authentic Media's Price: £9.99

Price: £9.99

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Physical Properties
  • Dimensions: 13 x 152 x 203 mm
  • Weight: 0.278kg
  • Pages: 224


So you think you know the Bible? Then you probably know the answers to these questions:
How many total dreams did Joseph have in the book of Matthew?
What two weapons were the disciples carrying at the Last Supper?
In Acts, what was the first name given to Christianity?
What is the last word of the last book of the Bible?

Don't know? That's okay. That's why you want to buy this book.

The Extreme New Testament Bible Trivia Challenge contains over 2,300 questions, arranged in the order they appear, with at least one question from every chapter in the Bible (that's 260 chapters).

If you love the Bible, then you want to know everything there is about it. Read through the questions on your own or have fun challenging your family, friends, church, or study group. The more you get to know the Bible, the more comfortable you become with it. The more comfortable you are with it, the closer it grows to your heart.