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Product: Every Man: Every Man, God's Man (Includes Workbook) Image

Every Man: Every Man, God's Man (Includes Workbook)

Stephen Arterburn Kenny Luck


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Price: £13.99

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Spiritually, many men are frustrated because they feel they are repeatedly coming up short or are in other ways unfulfilled. Like football players in the "red zone," they are struggling to complete the drive toward integrity and intimacy with God.

That drive toward spiritual maturity requires both a shift of heart and a re-examination of spiritual habits. What men lack today is, first, clear understanding of what God is really after in the relationship, and second, a clear plan connected to their goals that makes sense practically and biblically. That's what makes this book special: It specifically reveals God's heart for men in the spiritual "red zone", and sets forth the choices they must make to take the relationship with God all the way.

Like other books in the "Every Man" Series, EVERY MAN, GOD'S MAN boldly gets into men's heads and gives hope. It helps them persevere in their pursuit of God, provides new insight into God's objectives for them, and brings them to the new place God is calling them - a place of completion in the faith.

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Extra Descriptions

Every Man, God's Man is not about the resolution of a man's problems; it's about a peresonal resurgence of purpose. That excites me.
 -From the foreword by Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life
How to be a man after God's own heartrelentlessly.
You are about to discover life-changing encouragement and practical, man-to-man guidance in your Christian walk.
Every Man, God’s Man is tailor-made for any man who may feel incomplete in his commitment to God. It’s for the man who wants to become even more authentic, more courageous, more intimate with God in every area of his life. It’s for every man who desires to walk in true spiritual integrity every moment of every day.
Like other books in the best-selling Every Man series, Every Man, God’s Man boldy gets into your head, gives you hope, and equips you to persevere in your individual pursuit of God.
Includes a comprehensive workbook for individual and group study.