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Product: Every Man Bss: Being God's Man In The Face Of Temptation Image

Every Man Bss: Being God's Man In The Face Of Temptation

Stephen Arterburn Kenny Luck Todd Wendorff


Authentic Media's Price: £6.99

Price: £6.99

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  • Dimensions: 7 x 139 x 209 mm
  • Weight: 0.113kg
  • Pages: 96


All men are tempted to compromise. But not all men do. Some have learned the secret of being undivided between what they believe and how they actually think and live.

They possess integrity. They've gained new perspectives on the trials and temptations they face, new tools to help them survive automatic human responses to challenging situations, and new actions which produce humility and flexibility in God's strength. You can be a man of integrity too.

Confession breaks the power of temptation in men of integrity; connection with other men sustains the victory. BEING GOD'S MAN. . . IN THE FACE OF TEMPTATION will help you - whether in individual or group study - to confront this pervasive problem in God's wisdom and strength. And begin to live the undivided life.