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Product: Edwbs #03: Refuge At Highland Hall, A Image

Edwbs #03: Refuge At Highland Hall, A

Carrie Turansky


Authentic Media's Price: £11.99

Price: £11.99

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Britain declares war on Germany in 1914, and Penelope (Penny) Ramsey, a nineteen-year-old English aristocrat, is determined to do her part and help her country, her family, and the man she loves overcome the challenges of the Great War. But can her heart survive the losses that will surely come her way?

When Penny meets Alex Goodwin, a confident, daredevil pilot, intent on defeating the Germans and proving his worth, her heart is drawn to him, but a pilot's life expectancy was no more than six weeks. Should she risk giving her heart to him, when loving Alex will most certainly mean losing the man she loves?