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Divine Spark, The

Steve Morris


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Price: £7.99

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Can the ancient model of Celtic Christianity really have any relevance to our charismatic, evangelical churches?

As followers of Jesus, we are called to help people at the margins, and even the church is finding itself increasing pushed to the margins of modern society. Celtic Christianity was always on the margins of society, so looking at how those Christians lived out their faith can bring real insight into how we model church today.

Steve Morris shows us that there are indeed many points of connection between the two traditions, and draws out lessons that we can learn today. From slowing down in a busy world, reconnecting with God through appreciating nature, caring for the planet, to finding God's presence through mindfulness and practising whole life discipleship, there are treasures to be found that are surprisingly modern and relevant to the world we live in today.

Rediscovering some of the lessons from the Celtic tradition can revitalise and reconnect us in our daily walk with God and actually help us find meaningful ways to help us engage with others and show them Christ.