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Product: Christing, The Image

Christing, The

Paul White


Authentic Media's Price: £9.99

Price: £9.99

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  • Pages: 304


Do you want to fall more in love with Jesus?

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus. The awesome power of this 'Christing' is to get the life-giving, oppression-busting, freedom-bringing life of Jesus into the whole world, starting right where we live.

Take a gallop through the scriptures with Paul White and discover the different images used to describe the Holy Spirit. In a fresh and conversational style, peppered with personal stories and the author's own illustrations, you will see how the same dynamic power of God seen throughout the Bible is still available to us today.

Be encouraged to live in a deep, passionate relationship with Jesus. Get ready to release the 'Christing'!

Content Benefits:

The Christing will help you understand the Bible in a deeper way, fall more in love with Jesus and encourage you to live in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Will help you understand the richness of Bible imagery and stories
  • Looks at familiar Bible stories with fresh eyes and a new perspective
  • Encourages us to see how God works with us to fulfil his mission
  • Reveals who the Holy Spirit is in accessible and non-jargon language
  • Weaves together Biblical teaching, personal stories and life application
  • Highlights the relevance of the Bible to our lives today
  • Ideal for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with God
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to dig deeper into the Bible
  • Includes line drawings throughout
  • Binding - Paperback
  • Pages - 304
  • Publisher - Authentic Media