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Birches Dvd

Adrian Plass


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Price: £12.99

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Based on the Silver Birches novel by bestselling author Adrian Plass, this is a poignant story of love, loss and finding faith again.

David finds it hard to handle the death of his wife Jessica. As a much sought-after speaker, he is used to comforting people, but now he no longer has any answers and isolates himself in his grief.

The he is invited by an old friend for a weekend with a number of childhood friends, with whom he has been out of contact for years. David doesn't really want to go until he hears that a last gift from Jessica is waiting for him.

What follows is a reunion in which the former friends try to connect with each other. David discovers that he is not the only one struggling with ghosts from the past, and together they look for a way to make the future shine again.

Includes bonus material from Adrian Plass. Adrian introduces themes and questions arising from the film that can be used alongside the Birches Discussion Guide for small groups.