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Product: Adult Coloring Book: Whatever Is Lovely Image

Adult Coloring Book: Whatever Is Lovely

Waterbrook Press


Authentic Media's Price: £11.99

Price: £11.99

Product Details
  • Catalogue Code: 439466
  • Product Code: 9781601429285
  • ISBN: 1601429282
  • EAN: 9781601429285
  • E-Store: Gifts
  • Category: Stationery
  • Sub-Category: General
  • Publisher: Waterbrook Press
  • Date Published: Dec 2015
  • Authentic Media sales rank: #393
Physical Properties
  • Weight: 0.478kg
  • Pages: 128


A relaxing, reflective colouring book for adults that inspires creativity and worship in a calm and colourful way.

In today's hectic, stress-filled, screen-weary world, women are looking for ways to return to simple pleasures and uncomplicated creativity. Whatever Is Lovely invites women to immerse themselves in inspirational quotes from the Bible, hymns, and contemporary authors while they colour pages individually designed by a range of artists and illustrators.