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A-z Of Prayer (Ebook)

Matthew Porter

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Price: £7.99

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An accessible and practical introduction to prayer which encourages readers to grow in their relationship with God.

A-Z of Prayer is an accessible look through 26 aspects of prayer that will help believers to grow deeper in their communication with God. Each concept is simple enough for anyone new to the faith to understand but has enough depth to help and refresh all believers desiring to deepen their prayer life. Extensive references are included at the end of the book if the reader wants to study any subject in more detail.

Each chapter has a couple of pages of introduction and insight around the topic, an action section for reflecting and thinking deeper, and then a prayer prompt to put the lessons learnt into practice. This allows the reader to not only gain a deeper understanding of the different ways to pray, but encourages them to nurture their prayer life and relationship with God by putting it into practice.