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50 Critical Cancer Answers (Ebook)

Francisco Contreras Daniel Kennedy

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Price: £7.99

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  • Pages: 352


Cancer - it's a menacing word, and when we hear it from our own doctor, it can be terrifying. But there's hope. In this practical, comprehensive "field manual" from seasoned cancer fighters and renowned clinicians Francisco Contreras, MD and Daniel Kennedy, MC you will grab hold of 50 tangible tips, plans, and prescriptive measures for tackling cancer and finding renewed health.

50 Critical Cancer Answers provides the essential information a person needs to create a personal action plan to deal with cancer effectively. Each of the 50 short, easy-to-digest chapters includes a concise explanation of the most effective and sought after cancer treatment in the realms of traditional medicine, natural medicine, emotional support and spiritual care. A succinct commentary is provided to help the reader understand potential benefits, and if it is a realistic treatment option or not. Each chapter includes:
- An interview with an expert in the field of the chapter's topic
- A "smartphone scannable" QR code linking the reader to You Tube video containing author commentary on the relevant topic
- 5 tips from cancer survivors--all 50 cancer survivors have received treatment from the authors' Oasis of Hope cancer centers.

Don't let a cancer diagnosis define your circumstances. Instead, develop a plan to identify, attack, and beat cancer.