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40 Days Of Christmas: Celebrating The Glory Of Our Savior

Joseph Castleberry


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Price: £9.99

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Who wants Christmas just one day a year? Celebrate for forty days.

Many people only celebrate Christmas for a day or two, and some Christians do not celebrate it at all. But wiser generations before us set up three seasons of the church calendar to prepare for Christmas (Advent), celebrate it (Christmastide), and live it out (Epiphany).

This 40-day seasonal guide to reflection offers daily Scriptures from the Bible, inspirational readings, and uplifting prayers that will help you:
- rejoice in the birth of our Saviour.
- focus on God's presence.
- contemplate God's love.
- cultivate a childlike attitude with corresponding joy.

Every good thing we associate with Christmas flows to us from God's Spirit, and the Spirit of Christmas can remain with us all year long. This book will add spiritual depth to this period of fuss and feasting, and help you enrich your celebration of Christ.