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Help - Payments

How to make an account payment:
Enter your credit card number, card type and expiry date into the appropriate fields. If you have specific invoices that you would like to pay then you can enter them into the invoice field (see below for more information on invoices). Finally enter an amount that you would like to pay from your account.

Once you have entered all required information, you can click proceed. Note that clicking proceed will not finalise your payment - we will check the details and display them for you again so you can double check what you've entered. If you need to change any details, click the "change" button and you can edit what you've entered. If you don't wish to proceed simply hit "cancel".

When you are satisfied all the information is correct, click "submit" and your payment will be processed. You will receive confirmation, which should include a transaction number. You should keep a copy of this transaction number for future reference. Your account details will have been updated to reflect the payment that you have just made.

Note: By default if an invoice is not specified when making a payment, the payment will be applied to the oldest outstanding invoice.

Member Number:
Your member number can be found on invoices, statements and the order confirmation email that we send after you purchase a product. If you are unsure of your member number, you can obtain it via our assistance page or alternatively please contact your closest Authentic Media store. Please be careful to enter the right member number and take the time to double check it when it is re-presented to you on the check page.

Invoice/Transaction numbers can be found on statements. If you don't enter an invoice/transaction number then your payment will be applied to the oldest invoice(s) on your account. You can specify a single invoice or multiple invoices. For multiple invoices, simply put a space or comma between each invoice number - example: "12345 12346 12347 12348" or "12345,12346,12347,12348".

Payment Amount:
The payment amount is in £GBP;.