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Muslim Evangelism

Phil Parshall

Paperback. 320 pages.

Muslim Evangelism

- Revision of the original NEW PATHS IN MUSLIM EVANGELISM
- Defines 'contextualization'
- How to effectively reach Muslims with the gospel
- Challenges of contextualization

About the Author:
Phil Parshall is one of the leading authorities on ministry to Muslims. He and his wife, Julie, have lived among Muslims since 1962, first with International Christian Fellowship (now SIM) in Bangladesh and presently in the Philippines. He holds a doctorate from Fuller Seminary and has had Fellowships with Harvard and Yale Universities. He is published in a number of Christian magazines, and has authored nine books.

Book Description:
Parshall's NEW PATHS IN MUSLIM EVANGELISM gave new, biblical meaning to the word "contextualization" and made that word the "hot topic" that it is in Muslim ministry today.
If you want to understand deeply the issues at stake in Christian ministry among Muslims, then you must read this book.
Much has happened in our chaotic world since NEW PATHS IN MUSLIM EVANGELISM was first published in 1981. Muslims of the ultra-fundamentalist variety have terrorized millions. Westerners are perplexed. Are these "Followers of Muhammad" people of peace or are they religious fanatics bent on world domination?
In this important book, Phil Parshall seeks to acquaint the reader with the Muslim, not as a terrorist, but as one of the 1.3 billion who regard Islam as a "way of life" whose main concern is to provide for their families and to live in peace.
- Publisher.

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